Vots argèntics

What happens during the creation of an argentic photographic series is of an almost understandable and often inexplicable nature. Despite this, the results remain, static and stable, for all to see.
The argentic vote is the voluntary choice of a materiality that brings us closer to photochemistry, to inner concerns, to trial and error, to the most ancient mystery and to the entry into a world of knowledge in which those who really know say they don’t know that much.

Authors and titles of the series: Ariadna Sardà presents Séance, Carles Viola presents Efígie, Jordi Font Recasens presents Paisatges. 3 authors. 3 series. 20 silver gelatin prints.

The photographic series that make up this exhibition were made in the IEFC laboratory, between February and June 2021, during the specialization course “Serie argéntica” taught by Joan Teixidor and with the collaboration of Manuel Serra.

Jordi Font Recasens

Jordi Font Recasens is a photographer. Born in Baix Llobregat, he has lived in Alt Penedès, Barcelona and London.

He embarked on argentic photography three years ago to give a sense also material to his photos. In 2017, alone and in digital format, it exhibits in the Ethnological Museum and World Cultures of Barcelona. In 2019, it exhibits in the Joana Raspall Room of the Montserrat Roig Library in Sant Feliu de Llobregat as part of a conference on suburbs. In 2020-21 she will exhibit at the Museum of Rural Life in Espluga de Francolí in a group show, as well as at the Imaginart Gallery in 2019 and at the Espacio Véntalo in 2020, both in Barcelona. She has published the book “A la intemperie” with the support of the Institute of Culture of Barcelona City Council. This is the first exhibition of argentic photography in which he collaborates.

Ariadna Sardà

Ariadna Sardà (Torredembarra 1995). Visual and multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona.

Graduated in photography at the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia.  Her work revolves around the mystery and the world of dreams, she tries to capture her inner world by experimenting with analog photography and old techniques.

Carles Viola

Carles Viola (Barcelona, 1988)

Although his professional career was directed towards the industrial sector, photography has accompanied him since he was a child, being nature and the railway world the bases that directed his first photographic steps. In 2014 he graduated in photography at IEFC, where he had contact with the laboratory and began a path of visual exploration, already inseparable from the photographic process.