“Liminare” gathers scenes of travelers’ communities and squatted spaces with which I lived between 2006 and 2011. From a photographic interest and the exploration of analog techniques, I have dedicated myself to the registration – almost obsessive – of the daily life of punk communities where upbringing, nomadism, precariousness and art are part of the same phenomenon. This collection speaks about my own creative universe in photography, which is mobilized by the desire to bear witness to the beauty of the existences that cross the edges, and to pay homage to grace and fall as a way of being in this world.

Gianluca Mastrocinque



Since his childhood in the reckless territory of Naples, the camera has been his accomplice to narrate beautiful and decadent stories. This interest grew as she studied cultural anthropology, the border crossing between photography and ethnography became her creative universe to this day. She has dedicated herself to explore her own life experiences through photo-ethnography, emphasizing landscapes and characters that provoke the limits of conventional – bourgeois life. Since his migration to Barcelona in 2006, he has also developed photography projects for performing arts, permanently deepening in analog techniques.

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