Dream Control – When Freedom Ends

The photographic series „Dream Control – When Freedom Ends“ describes and visualizes the fascinating and terrifying aspects of a future entertainment park for sleepwalkers: the so-called

Viewers are invited to scrutinize the value and integrity of allegedly life-enhancing services, whose primary aim is to jeopardize the clients’ ability to lead a self-determined, sovereign life.

The artist shares: “While the entertainment industry has conquered almost all areas of life, but the realm of the subconscious, it is quite likely it will expand into that field in the near future. That is just one reason, why Dream Control should trigger a debate about the future of our society”.

Frank Lassak



Frank Lassak lives and works in Berlin, Germany, where he runs his atelier Efacts Photography since 2009.

His works focus on staged cinematic scenes, narrative photography and portraits of actors and actresses. Frank became internationally known with his body of works related to the movies of David Lynch (Welcome to Twin Peaks, 2017, True Velvet, 2011).

His works were shown in exhibitions all over Europe, for example in London, Rome, Barcelona (Revela’T 2019, as part of the group show by Film Shooters Collective) – and of course in Berlin.

Plaça Santa Anna


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