Ekphrastic Magic

The Film Shooters Collective is proud to present “Ekphrastic Magic”: an interdisciplinary project bringing together thirty FSC members and thirty writers. In it / Ekphrastic Magic, the private world of the photographer becomes the solitary walk of a poet, and together they create a new, unique universe, welcoming in the viewer to bring their own experiences to their personal interpretation of the work. The photographs range from 35mm and 120 film to instant film and even tintype; the images and words are as diverse as the artists who made them.



Film Shooters Collective

Photographer, Writer and Title of Poem:

Bobby Kulik, Samantha Lazar, Chalet of Ghosts
Jesús Joglar, Melissa Blanchard, One Day
Laura Aubree, Paroma Sen, Prowl The Moon
Ellen Goodman, Melissa Coffey, Curiouser and Curiouser
Marti Blesa, Melanie Faith, Within Reach
Amy Jasek, Jessica Lee McMillan, River Stones
Richard Lambert, Eli Snow, A Late Night Prayer
Chris Sartain, Carolyn Riker, Childhood Memories
Bill Smith, Sherry Kappel, Rewriting Loss
Shaun La, Suntonu Bhadra, Yearning for My Next Stop
Suan Lin, Vinitha Dileep, The Light & You
Wing Hong Leung, Kirk S. Pineda, Ocean Strategy
Colin Poellot, Christina M. Ward, Silhouettes in the Snow
Gabi Roozee, Janaka Stagnaro, Listening for Your Name that the Angels Know
Ralph Whitehead, NetaQ, A Faithful Pilgrimage Feeding My Light
Mats Strandberg, Erika Burkhalter, The Rider Mower
Howard Sandler, Anu Anniah, Bleak
Brad Lechner, Sylvia Clare, Footprints on the sand
Jen Brimmage, James G Brennan, Perceptions
Laura Yurs, Tanya Gervasi, Nostalgia Edits
Katie Mollon, Kevin Tully, The Snow and the Cat
Ruby Berry, Science Duuude, Lost in Space. . .
Tony Klimas / Todd Connaghan, Terri McCord, Superimposing
Abigail Crone, Ryan Spence, Beach State Of Mind
Urizen Freaza, JD Harms, Facial Elision
Raj Mohan, Darshak Rana, The Eternal Shadow Of Karma
Kelly-Shane Fuller, Patricia MacKay, In the Driver’s Seat
Jana Uyeda, Jay Sizemore, Whose House is This
David Salinas, Christopher Luna, Revelation
Lilly Schwartz, Jenine Bsharah Baines, Forest Dreaming