Serendipias / Jardín de arena

As a child, I took photographs with a plastic camera we had in the family home. Those images were kept in a cardboard box that eventually disappeared. After a few years, one day I started to think about those photographs and I wanted to recreate and reconstruct as a photographic theme those experiences and memories of when I was a child. I am still wandering, searching for those serendipities, reflections of an inner world that belongs to the own universe that we all have and accumulate. It is the trace of those neighbourhoods, of that environment that comes back to me recurrently.

Fernando Flores Huecas



He has been a photographer since he was 14 years old; he began working in the Exa-FonoEspaña dubbing studios, a time when Teo Escamilla, Luis Cuadrado and Alcaine exerted an important influence on him. In the 80s he became a member of the Real Sociedad Fotográfica, which gave him the opportunity to study different authors through its library and to get to know the Madrid school. He has received nationally and internationally recognized awards, such as the Hoffman and the Canson, as well as the acquisition of photographic work by the manufacturer Hasselblad. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Spain, Belgium, Italy and Germany.

“Among the many ways there are to combat nothingness, one of the best is to take photographs…” Julio Cortázar