The word “Immram” is the old Irish word for “journey”. It’s also the name of a kind of stories in Irish literature about a hero’s sea voyage to the Otherworld, a place usually located on the westernmost islands of Ireland.

My Immram project is a journey to the Otherworld, to my own Otherworld. It’s a journey between past and present, between truth and fantasy, between paganism and Christianity. It is my winter journey to an ancient, hostile island in the west of Ireland, where all sorts of beliefs are permeable.

Edra Galzeran

Sarrià de Ter

Being curious by nature, self-taught, she left home at a very young age to settle for a while in places that share a common heartbeat, in cities that to a certain extent symbolize the often elusive embrace between two ways of seeing the world: Berlin, Venice, Moscow, Kiev.

In this melting pot of cultures, two of her great passions began to take shape: photography and painting. 

Although she never stopped photographing, her build up as a photographer would be a long process that would only unfold in the inevitable and sad calm of 2020.

Photography is a necessity, the impulses of childhood to capture time have become, over the years, a response to the winking of the light, in the will to give continuity to the beauty that flees.

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