Prefix from gr. apó, away from, separated from: apocarpic.

In response to the increasing number of cases of COVID-19 during the 2020 pandemic, the Spanish government declared a state of alarm on March 14, 2020. The main measure was the imposition of a national quarantine to reduce infections.

This quarantine obliged all Spanish citizens to remain locked up in their usual residences, except for various situations, such as acquiring food and medicines, going to work or attending emergencies.

On April 28, the Spanish deconfinement plan was announced, consisting of four phases in which the limitations of confinement are gradually reduced.

Apo, is the work is a representation of this period of confinement, which consists of 48 images as portraits that I captured from the entrance of my house. The whole is an installation that leaves a record of this particular moment, and shows a portion of what life was like during confinement. A new way of living marked by distances.

Bruno Daureo

Palma de Mallorca

With a degree in Fine Arts from the Public University of Barcelona, he is a Spanish-born photographer who combines teaching with photographic commissions and personal projects.

His curiosity for the different ways of interpreting life has led him to get to know different communities and to discover new territories that he has documented under his gaze. His works show how people relate to each other, how they interact with their social environment from the exploration of issues related to; stereotypes, social constructions or hobbies as features that help build the identity of each individual.

On the other hand, and since 2008, he continues to photograph the sea where he grew up, generating images that invite meditation. A sea of images that through repetition and constancy create an identifiable link with the author. The landscape as a constructive representation of the imagination that gradually shapes a memory, and constitutes a biography of each person that is in continuous mutation. In this way, the landscape that sees us grow is very present in our memory. A landscape that appears and disappears when you least expect it.

Some of his works such as; Tokyo, Love is in the air, Paisajes que te hacen volver, Fog in the mind, Hunter and metonymy, El Portal, El espacio ausente, have been exhibited and/or selected in different places such as; Photo revelaciones de Photoespaña, Art<30, Sala Parés, Casal Solleric, Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid, The Telegraph, The Independent, among others.