I realized the MINIM project as an escape during the months of June and July 2020. It is an aesthetization of garbage, a reuse of the obsolete and useless, which acquires a new life in my photograms.

The result is a set of more than 300 small-format, abstract and minimalist images, among which we find the ones selected for this exhibition.

Cyclically I return to the laboratory with the intention of generating new images that I have not yet seen, thus creating my own personal universe.

Aleydis Rispa



Aleydis Rispa graduated in Fine Arts, specializing in Image, from the University of Barcelona in 1988. She currently teaches photography at the EASD Serra i Abella (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat).

Since 1989, when she won the Photography Award of the Biennial of Young Creators of the Barcelona City Council, she has exhibited and published her work regularly.

A constant in her work is the recovery of everyday objects and other useless waste to make her images. She is interested in the more experimental aspects of photography, which she investigates through the photogram, the chemigram and cyanotype.