Organizing a cultural project of the size of Revela-T is an important challenge for us, your involvement is key to help us keep the festival alive.

How can you collaborate?

You can help us out via 3 different options on Paypal with rewards, or if you prefer to do it in another way, you can also make small monthly contributions through the Patreon platform.

  • Exclusive newsletter of analogue news
  • Discounts on photographic shop 
  • Merchandising Pack.
  • Free ticket to all exhibitions.
  • Protective partner
  • Discounts in photographic shops.
  • Merchandising pack.
  • Free entrance to all Revela’T activities during the festival.
  • Entrance to the exclusive brunch with all artists.
  • 10% discount in all Revela’T workshops.
  • Patreon is also a good way of helping Revela’T. You can buy stuff like the book, merchandising, or also the festival tickets calmly, during the year, with small contributions.