The Residence for photographic creation and experimentation is one of the fundamental pillars on which the Revela-T festival is built and has become more than a meeting place for photographers from all around the world. Photographers have the opportunity to express themselves and live with other artists who are motivated by the same passion during the festival. This residence is the germ of a community which grows year after year around a common interest of sharing, living and experimenting with historical processes from new approaches to contemporary chemical photography. The heart of this network connecting the most remote places of the planet is located in Vilassar de Dalt.

Once again this year we call the reception of candidates to be part of the Residence for Photographic Creation and Experimentation, an enriching proposal to be held at Revela-T 2019, during the second and third weeks of June 2019, from 6th till 13th of June.

During these days, the selected photographers will live and work together on different projects to be exhibited during the 2020 festival. The coordinators of this exchange will be the photographers Joaquín Paredes, Ana Tornel and Enrique Freaza.

The purpose of the activity is to carry out a cultural and artistic exchange in order to promote and to develop a common project among the participants: a project that goes beyond the sum of individual works. The aim is to bring together several photographers, each with their own vision, sensitivity, point of view and experience, with their own knowledge and techniques, and to achieve a communicating vessels effect, in which to learn from and permeating the knowledge of the other participants. This work environment will allow to share concepts and procedures, as well as to work with different techniques, methods and processes chosen by the participants.

The participants will have freedom to work on the subject they choose and on the technique or photographic techniques of their choice. Work teams will be formed according to the preferences of the attendees, the conditions of the places to photograph or the needs of the place to be photographed.


Selection and evaluation criteria

The selection of candidates will take into account the professional trajectory, the interest of the work, the adaptation of the work to Revela-T’s resources as well as the technique or techniques used and the contribution that it can make to the artistic exchange.

The selection of participants will be decided by the organization and will be unappealable. The organization will resolve any circumstance not foreseen in these rules.


Video of the 2017 edition


Participants to the edition of 2018 (Ferrotipe d’Ana Tornel)


Submission of applications

Any photographer of any nationality who develop his/her activity mostly in the field of chemical or analog photography and who is willing to do his/her personal work together with other photographers during this exchange will be able to present his/her application.

Applications will be submitted using the form below until 17th of February 2019.

The list of those selected will be published on Revela-T’s website at the beginning of April 2019 and they will be contacted directly to formalize the acceptance.

A maximum of 7 applications will be selected.

There is no defined topic to work on and therefore each participant can approach the proposal according to his/her criteria.



Revela-T is committed to provide an adequate work space and a laboratory to process the photographic material.

The material resources  for the development of the artistic activity during the stay will be the responsibility of each participant.

Revela-T will provide the necessary permits to photograph and will promote the work done (through publications and exhibitions).



Participants agree to develop their work during the course of the activity and will share their experience and practice to generate an exchange of knowledge in an environment of photographic immersion.

The participants authorize the mention of their name and the graphic reproduction of their work for the diffusion that Revela’T considers appropriate in relation to the activity, reserving the author’s rights to the artist.

Each author will assign one of the works made during the Residence so that it forms part of the Revela-T collection.


During the Residence, there will be three group meetings, an initial presentation where each participant will be able to show his/her personal work to share it with the rest of the group. There will be an evolution meeting to solve doubts and share the status of the respective works and a final one where each artist will present the fruit of their work and the final format in which it will be exhibited in the next edition of Revela-T.


Accommodation and Meals

Revela-T will accommodate attendees free of charge. Revela-T will also provide lunches and dinners for attendees. Not in case that they want to be on their own or in places not agreed by the organization.



Participants will be responsible for travel expenses and all expenses not covered by Revela-T.

Different complementary activities related to analog photography will be organized such as talks, screenings, conferences or demonstrations for the participants of the Exchange.

Attendees can also enjoy a special discount on workshops held during the festival.