For the Quechuas, the indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Amazon, men and nature have an inner energy known as “Samai”.

The project immerses itself both in the indigenous Amazonian worldview and in the origins of photography, encouraging nature to express itself. A mirror that in turn questions us about the relationship we have with our natural environment.

To achieve these representations, an organic photographic process was used (printing in chlorophyll) which does not use chemicals: the chlorophyll of the plants turns their leaves into photosensitive supports. Unlike the neutrality offered by the white surface of photographic paper, the leaves of plants are canvases that have their own graphic dynamics. The end result is unique and unrepeatable photographic works.

Yago de Orbe

Yago de Orbe Klingenberg is a photographer born in Spain but lives in Ecuador. He has worked in the Chlorophyll printmaking process for 3 years now and shows his work here.

Valid Foto BCN Gallery

Buenaventura Muñoz 6, Baixos – 08018 Barcelona

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From September 30 to October 31

Opening on September 30 at 7:30 p.m.