Sweet Nothings

It is in Anatolia, in the extreme East of Turkey, a border region between the East and West, where Vanessa Winship made Sweet Nothings, a series of portraits of schoolgirls. In these remote rural areas, the state started an important schooling campaign and little by little blue uniforms began to appear along the streets, true symbols of modern, secular Turkey, represented by Atatürk.

The uniform is for these future citizens a real connection with the country, as well as the bond that joins them: it becomes a sign of territory and identity. In addition, she discovered that each one appropriated it, personalized it, with a word, a knot or an embroidery…

So many little things, so many “sweet nothings”.


Vanessa Winship (England)

A member of the VU Agency since 2005, Vanessa Winship is the first woman to win the Cartier-Bresson Prize in 2011. She also received two prestigious World Press Photo Awards (1998 and 2008). She has exhibited individually and collectively in Paris, London, Canada, Arles, Italy, Rotterdam, Milan and Madrid.

Photo by Agustín Roba