My kingdom

He offers a sharp vision of the contemporary Spanish society and an ironic comment of the power environment in our country. He joins black and white photos of common citizens who are enjoying the Mediterranean coast.

Image acts as an acute sociopolitical view. Through it the emotions and behaviors of lovers in the beach: their hopes, indolence and aggression of those people showing off their own small kingship: the freedom of being able to have a nap, to eat, sunbathe, play, love and suffer and to show the human singularity.


Txema Salvans (Barcelona)

He alternated his studies between photography and biology. From the 90s he has focused himself in documenting with his photos the Mediterranean coastline. His projects have been published and exhibited national and internationally. He alternates his projects with teaching and with photographic assignments. He has published four books with the renowned Mack publishing house.


Portrait by Estela de Castro.