Huellas humanas

Which are the “traces” that will survive to our time on the planet? Maybe none. In fact everything is so ephemeral and transcendental…

The “huellas humanas” (human traces) will survive and will trespass in the family love, in the nostalgic past, at the travels that have been enjoyed, in the smile of a child, in the dances of life, or in the dialogues with the sea on the days of storm.

The moments that we have lived are the memory that will leave to the future generations. They will survive us in a constant transformation of space and environment.


The StreetWorld Project & Friends (International group)

For the “Huellas Humanas” exhibition 8 female photographers of different nationalities were chosen. New talents who share their love for photography, creativity, sensitivity and their hunger to know the world.
They are Ruth Argañaraz, Thais Buforn, Noelia Buitrago, Esther Domínguez, Laurence Lalloué, Tânia Tomoko, Belén Vilanova, Carolina Yedrasiak. Curatorship of the exhibition: Etel Reis and Ricardo Navio

Centre Cultural La Bòbila
Plaça de la Bòbila, 1, 08906 L’Hospitalet, Barcelona
934 03 26 50


From September 22 to October 30
Opening on September 22 at 7:30 p.m.