Teo Vázquez project is base in five installations shaped as photographic murals printed on paper at a large size spread around the village. These portraits, done few months before the festival, are done to several inhabitants of this village. Each of them has different economical background, age, etc…

Having as a final objective to stress out and show the diversity and pluralism of Vilassar’s neighbors and at the same time, to pay homage to them with an open air exhibition.


Teo Vázquez (Cádiz)

Trained between ‘Hackney Community College’ in London and ‘Institut d’Estudis Fotográfics de Catalunya’. His portraits have a high electrical voltage showing its street nomad nerve in urban interventions. He has exhibited in galleries and festivals all around the world. He has made interventions in many streets with murals full of human expression, fight and humor.

*Work in progress currently