The Anonymous Project

In 2017 when filmmaker Lee Shulman bought a random box of vintage slides he fell completely in love with the people and stories he discovered. Collecting and preserving unique colour slides from the last 70 years, the project was born out of a desire to preserve this collective memory and give a second life to the people often forgotten in these timeless moments captured in stunning Kodachrome colour.

Once upon a Time

“In this exhibition I have put together a series of images that tell a story, it’s not just their story but also our story. Simple moments of family life that we can all relate to. Each image is a snapshot of life unfiltered, a precious memory once lost in time. Memory is what makes us human.”

Lee Shulman (London)

Lee Shulman is a graduate of the University of Westminster with a Bachelor of Arts. He is a multiple award winning film director working in advertising and music videos. Now living and working in Paris he founded the The Anonymous Project in 2017 which has gone on to become one of the most important and unique collections of amateur photography slides in the world.

The Anonymous Project is Lee Shulman, Founder and Creative Director.

Emmanuelle Halkin, Head of Development.

Léa L’Azou, Technical Advisor.