The fovea is ”a small depression in the retina of the eye where visual acuity is highest.’’ (Larousse dictionary, 2018).

Fovea is a photographic series that highlights the visual impairment of teenagers and young adults in Quebec (Canada). These young people have a striking life path that demonstrates extraordinary resilience and that is felt at their touch. During adolescence, a crucial period in their lives in which the construction of their identity and their projection in the future is determined, they are all too often stigmatized, they have a deep desire to be seen as humans, like others.


Sarah Seené (Canada)

She is a photographer and filmmaker who works with analog media.

Her work is inspired by the concept of resilience, as for several years, she carried out an introspective research aimed at grasping the contours of her own history through the exploration of the post-traumatic shock syndrome linked to several personal dramas.