Residency "Creation and Photographic Experimentation"

Residency “Creation and Photographic Experimentation” is one of the fundamental pillars upon which the Revela’T festival is built and has become more than just a meeting point for photographers from all over the world.

This residence is the seed of a community that grows year after year around a common interest to share, live and experiment with historical processes from new approaches to contemporary chemical photography. Photographers who during the days of the festival have the opportunity to express themselves and live with other artists who share the same passion.

The center from which this network is born and connects the most remote places on the planet is located in Vilassar de Dalt.

Every year the works carried out by the residents of the previous edition are exposed. This year, therefore, we will be able to see the works of Brian Henry, Cedric Friggeri, Irene Zóttola, Magdalene Wanderlust, Nacho Rivera, Naroa Perez and Thomas Ming-Hui Stanka.

Enrique Freaza and Ana Tornel will be the coordinators of this encounter.