This exhibition is a retrospective of the work by Raúl Cañibano, a photographer with more than 20 years of experience and a big amount of work devoted to Cuba. This artist is renowned as one of the great photographers of his country. He is present in important collections in Cuba and the rest of the world. He has exhibited in galleries, museums and events in several countries. In this exhibition we can see some series that the author works in, such as La Ciudad, Tierra Guajira and Ocaso, with photos taken from 1992 to 2016.


Raúl Cañibano (Cuba)

Self-taught photographer, he has his own style following the surrealistic current. In 1998 he is awarded with the Premio del Salón Nacional de Fotografía. His works have been exhibited worldwide in places such as Cuba, Madrid, London and Arles. He has collaborated with Juventud Rebelde in Cuba and CNN digital, USA. His works are part of Fondo Cubano de la Imagen as well as various private and public institutions.