Destiny is a photographic project that stems from a personal experience.

As kids, we used to play football a lot in the neighborhood where I grew up. When we arrived to middle school, we got separated. However, the story of a close friend had left a deep impression on me. His father came to see him one day to explain that he could no longer provide for the family. He asked him to leave school and start working as an apprentice butcher.

My friend was just 14 years old and his choice of career, and therefore of life, was already sealed by social and economic determinism.


M’hammed Kilito (Marroc)

The work of M’hammed Kilito addresses issues relating to cultural identity and the human condition. He is a National Geographic Explorer and a member of the African Photojournalism Database. He contributes to Everyday Middle East and North Africa. M’hammed work has been presented in many countries and published in famous journals around the world.