Portraits that dialogue with a jelly invasion, witnessing what once was and that even having the possibility of being documented it might be lost forever… An eroded and blurred humanity, nearly vanishing.
Deconstructed, lost. In some portraits it is in the developing process, while floating, where what it will be recovered and sunk into the depths is configured. From other only the register or what once was and it is there no more. Medusas is a series inspired in a number of scientific researches that predict the disappearance of most of the marine species.


Mercedes Cosano (Córdoba)

She has a bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communicator and took a higher training degree in Cinema and Television Creation. Her projects are focused towards analogue photography and mixing photographic techniques with marine themes. From January 2019 she teaches photography at D’Orsay museum in Paris.


Espai La Projekteria

La Projekteria is a young gallery committed to contemporary artistic photography, where works by emerging artists are exhibited. It is located in the Poble Sec quarter of Barcelona.


C/ Ricart, 19, 08004 (Barcelona)

+34 600 846 414


Opening on October 1 at 7:00 p.m.