Me invade de repente

Sometimes, in a moment still cloudy, I am struck by a force that seems to come from humid depths. It is unknown to me even when it comes from my dark and brown entrails.

He writhes inside and out, jerks and pants.

I transform into another body.

I don’t see it coming when it suddenly invades me.

It won’t let me breathe.

This project aims to describe an encounter with a sensation, person or monster born from me although it does not belong to me and I don’t know it. It is the effect of the construction of the story, and has a place further on. I wonder who created this person or monster? Where does it come from? Who put it there? Does it live in all of us?


Melín Vázquez (Argentina)

She began studying Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires, which brought her closer to artistic expression as a possibility of language. She did her photography studies in alternative training and experimentation centers. She currently lives in Barcelona, directs the workshop “La imagen que no vemos” and is in charge of the photography darkroom at SANTLLUC.



Sant Lluc, where Melín Vázquez’s work is located, is an artistic center placed in Mercaders street of Barcelona, a space for reflection on culture and art, based on the learning and exchange of artistic concerns.

Sant Lluc

Carrer Mercaders, 42, 08003, Barcelona

93 302 45 79


From September 23 to October 2

Opening on September 23 at 7:00 p.m.