Lucky people

Society accepts them as part of themselves, yet they are odd strangers, who run their business on the edge of the spinning wheels of society. Circus seems like a hard life in rootless roaming, still it becomes an intriguing and irresistible delight: it eases the real misery of the common man. Lucky People is an autobiographical photo portrait of a travelling family circus called “The Greatest and 2nd Smallest Circus in the World”, captured through the lens of one of their own clowns. The photos bring you behind the 4th wall of show business and into their extraordinary lives.


Maria Solà (Barcelona)

She has worked exclusively with analog photography for the past 20 years, she’s licensed in graphic design, autodidact musician, puppeteer and clown and co-founder of the Brunette Bros. She has produced an infinite amount of photography, experiments and self-edited books. And now her mission is to flourish someday as a photographer in the outside world.