Madrid en plata

An homage to thirty years in the streets on my beloved Madrid from a different perspective, never seen before, and also a tribute to the negative. The sequence poses a narrative speed that one single image cannot reach and introduces us to the true drive of the photographer in the shooting. The negatives are numbered from the first to the last one, from top to bottom, chaining its inexorable advance.
To publish these sequences that have created this subjective Madrid from 1984 to 2017 answers to the wish of ending a period that I consider that has ended, a meditation over a city that has changed as well as the way of capturing it.

Luis Baylón (Madrid)

He starts his trajectory in 1980. His images are published for the first time in 1986. He exhibits since 1992 steadily. On 2001, he is awarded the Premio de Fotografía de la Comunidad de Madrid. His work is focused on the media: press, promotion and publicity. He has published twelve books. His works are in private and public collections.