La Ínsula Nómada

ÍNSULA NÓMADA is a place where all watches stop and where feelings light up. A parenthesis between the current times, where there are no screens or buttons, where we talk to the eyes with passion and slow conversations.

A caravan with a happy shell, with the spirit of a circus and with a heart shaped as a darkroom. The Ínsula Nómada lights in itself a travelling exhibition and that is capable to develop so many photos, and they even come out of the windows…



Juanan Requena

Those were the photos of that time, of the white Seat 128, the Pentax, Color Kodak, we do the rest. And then, that long pipe that was filled with light, those Sunday afternoons at home, the passage of time. I had the urge: the meaning of watching. I travelled and I changed my views, I was decided to conquer that light. Then the second hand reflex came, the toy cameras, waiting at the photo lab, less than one hour, the company, shooting to the heart and feelings. And this now and this instant and that light. Times changed. But even today, the idea is to recover the light.

Foto de Josep Maria Vidal