The Sahrawi refugee camps are settled in the Algerian region of the city of Tindouf, since their flight after the shameful handover of their territory, Western Sahara, by the Spanish to the Moroccans and Mauritanians, in 1975.
In the middle of the most absolute desert, 170,000 Sahrawis live in extreme conditions waiting for the referendum for their self-determination approved by the UN to be held that Morocco boycotts, preventing the normalization of the situation and with it the return of these men, women and children to their country and to be able to live how they want.


Jose Luís Irigoyen (Bilbao)

Amateur photographer. Self-educated, started learning when he was 17. Member of Bihotz Gaztea in Santurtzi, Eibarko Klub Deportibo Argazki Taldea and of Sociedad Fotográfica de Gipuzkoa, Federación Vasca de Asociaciones fotográficas and CEF. He has 42 collections and 34 photobooks edited in Blurb.


Eibarko Club

Eibarko is a cultural and sports club with more than 2500 members, located in Eibar, Gipuzkoa.


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