"Melodía de Raval" (Barcelona)

During the 90s I immersed myself in the Raval with the intention of photographing that neighborhood, which, as Montalbán ironically told me in a conversation, “we don’t need it”. To me, of course, I did need it and also did my camera. Until then, I had not received any photography teachings and decided that the street would be my school. As it happened, Bar Marsella became my classroom, my library and the book in which I began to read what life was about.


Jordi Oliver

His career has been focused on three fields: photography, social documentary and teaching. In the field of photography, he regularly publish at El País, The Guardian, Yo Dona and La Vanguardia. He has also worked as a photographer in numerous advertising campaigns, both institutional and commercial. In the field of social documentary, he started his career as a camera operator and then he made some documentaries always with a strong social interest.

Atelier de Pilar Güell

Carrer de les Penedides, 8, 08001 Barcelona

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From September 25 to October 12
Opening on September 29 at 7:00 p.m.