Inspired by the multiculturalism in the UK, this project landed to the festival breaking with preconceptions. These photographs with their period aesthetic juxtaposed old and new perspectives and immortalize these portraits in our present moment for a future that we hope will have no cultural barriers. Wonderful people from very different places in the world were encouraged to be part of this project without preconceived setups or forced poses, let naturalness be the only barrier between themselves to a 110-year-old camera. The camera and the technique provided unique photographs at that time, that it will be observed forever.



Nearly a decade ago Jennifer decided to move to the UK, it was there where she discovered that photography it was more than her passion, it became her means of expression.  She graduated from Uni with a Bachelor Hons Degree at the University of Central Lancashire and exhibited on several occasions in recognized galleries in the city of Liverpool. In 2019 she traveled to the ancient Egypt kingdom to be a part of an expedition of and archeological excavations in Qbbet el-Hawa, a project by UJA. With a brief but consolidated career, she participates in several festivals and she is being a finalist in PHE2020 already. Now, Jennifer is back in Pamplona, to show us that direct and international look, with her work and her imperfection photographs, that touch of experimentation and the beauty of a very personal photographic expression that we can see in her work.

Jennifer Colas

Citivox Iturrama

calle Esquiroz 24, Pamplona.

Centro Cívico del Ayuntamiento de Pamplona, con magníficas instalaciones.

From 25th September to 9 October