Caguach, the island of devotion

The Caguach island (Chile), the island of Devotion, where every year a unique religious festivity takes place, with Christian roots but envolved with indian and ancestral clothing. A sacred time: for nine days, the relatives, church helpers and landlords from the 5 islands expurgate their pains, pay their respects to the Saint and renew their spiritual and material strengths. The sea is the travelling space, where the profane time changes to the sacred one, where mystery and communion operate. Pilgrims fuse into a single body, the Egrégor, the collective soul. Music, rogations and prayers help the group trance, like a big mantra of those forgotten from the end of the world.


Hugo Angel (Chile)

He started in photography in the 90s studying at Instituto Arcos. He has taken part in several exhibitions such as: Museo Nacional Bellas Artes (Concurso Mattise), Centro Cultural La Moneda (Álbum de Chile), among others.