Humanity brings me different meanings that are now very melted inside the big cities.

The quick economic growth of Senegal during the last years is forcing a rough urban transformation in its capital, Dakar. Concrete, asphalt and scaffolding sculpt a new urban landscape. Some of the best known boroughs are today changing territories, where the sequels of the reconstruction has generated empty spaces, urban scars and some disorientation to his inhabitants. Through tree trips, the photos I took show a set of singularities, landscapes and experiences that shape personal cartography of this city.


Enric Garay (Euskadi)

He approaches photography in 2006 while travelling for international cooperation. His background as photographer has been built through travels and workshops about author photography. He works in black and white. His themes are travel, landscape and autobiography. Currently, he follows his way looking for answers through the viewfinder, developing and printing his own copies.


Espai Ventaló

Located on Ventelló Street in Barcelona, Ventaló rescues the poetic motif in contemporary artistic production.

Espacio Ventaló

Pérez Galdós núm. 22 (Barcelona)

+34 672 32 01 12


From September 18 to October 9
Opening on September 19 at 7:00 p.m.