“Every human being is a gear in the wheel of the universe. Although it might seem that it only acts on its immediate environment, its influence extends to infinity.” Nikola Tesla

Contemplum explores in a contemplative and leisurely way the beauty of nature through the exploration of the interactions between the elements. After the search for a global consciousness, it investigates the understanding of the complexity of the interactions of its parts and the symbiosis between different life forms, creating parallelisms and metaphors with other representations of nature.

The project nonlinear narrative reinforces the metaphysical concept of life as a systemic structure in which the whole is much more than the mere union of the parts.


Dani García Sarabia (Barcelona)

Professional photographer. His work has been published in various European newspapers and festivals, such as the Voice Off in Arles or the Fotofever in Paris, among others. Dani has more than twenty years of experience in the advertising sector, as artistic director, photographer and post production manager. His landscape photography seeks the confrontation between the primitive and the inhabited.


Fifty Dots Gallery

Fifty Dots is an art gallery, located in Sant Hermenegild street in Barcelona, specialized in contemporary photography, with a space dedicated to the exhibition and sale of limited and certified editions of national and international artists.

The exhibition will be open from 1st to 31st October

Fifty Dots Gallery

Carreró les Carolines 8-10, 1°2ª

08012 (Barcelona)

+34 607 62 4446


From September 21 to October 11

Opening on September 24 at 7:00 p.m.