Solovki is how the islands of the Solovetsky archipelago, in the middle of the White Sea, are commonly known in Russia. In the most protected area of the main island, close to a natural harbor, is located the Orthodox complex Solovetsky Monastery, a World Heritage Site. But Solovki was also, according to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the Mother of the Gulag, the terrible Soviet penal system of labor camps.

These two photographers, with a marked humanistic character, have wanted to visually explore this territory looking for the relationship between hell and paradise that defines it, placing the human being at the center from which everything else gravitates.

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto & Rafael Trapiello (Madrid)

Castro Prieto, Premio Nacional de Fotografía de España (2015), and Trapiello, finalist for the best book of the year award for PhotoEspaña (2015 and 2019) and founder of the Nacion Rotonda collective, collaborate in this edition. Both have exhibited in Spain and abroad and are internationally recognized.