Keen people

This series began by chance.

My friend a rock climber came to my studio with his equipment. After that, I began to invite my friends to the studio with the attributes of their own professions. Portraits are grotesque because it’s hard to imagine an oceanologist with nets in the room. Behind each artifact is a man. People boldly look into the lens, directly into the eyes of the viewer. They have nothing to hide, they found themselves in the profession and in life. Is not so important what a person is doing if is confident in himself. Then any business is obtained at the highest level, and life goes into pleasure.

Anton Ivanov (Rússia)

He studied at the Pskov Pedagogical University and the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. For more than 15 years Anton has been engaged in b&w photography of medium and large formats. He is one of the founders and art director of the Art of Foto gallery in St. Petersburg. He participated and organized numerous international exhibitions.