In this year’s edition 2020 we have again the exhibition of Alex Timmermans “StoryTelling”, this time in the OFF of the festival.

From the first edition, wet plate collodion has been present in Revela’T’s exhibitions. “Storytelling” shows us a set of delightfully whimsical photos, often provocative, with strange and surreal elements and a variety of interesting narratives.

Alex designs and manufactures his accessories, looks for the right places and waits for the best light. He doesn’t use digital cameras nor Photoshop, and expresses his narrative as a film consisting of a single frame, in one of the most beautiful photographic processes. Just using a simple wooden camera, vintage Petzval brass lenses and lots of patience.


Alex Timmermans

Self-taught photographer with a great love for antique techniques. The switch from analog to digital looked like a logical move, however, the emotion and magic were lost in this change; “Everything became too predictable”.

He started his research into collodion in 2008, when that technique, invented in 1851 by Scott Archer, was being used by just a small number of people globally.

Marina Port Premià, S.L.

Camí Ral s/n Port Esportiu, 08330 Premià de Mar

93 754 91 19

Del 9 de septiembre hasta el 5 de octubre