Weaving humanity

If humanity was a piece of fabric, human beings would be the threads. Fabric is as resistant as the weakest thread. We live in a time when as a species we are more entangled than ever. Even considering globalization as one of the causes, it is possible that it is also the solution to immediate challenges.

Education centers and universities play an important role in it, weaving a fabric of mutual cooperation and understanding. “Weaving humanity” reflects the multicultural environment where I studied. Participants are DTU students (Copenhagen) from different nationalities: India, USA, Norway, Spain, China, Denmark, Ireland, Kurdistan, Iceland and Nepal.

Aitor Arruti (Euskadi)

In his education as mechanical engineer he learned the iterative process of designing, prototype, test and start all over again. Probably his interest towards analogue photography started there. He tries that the used technique isn’t just the medium, but something that stresses the message, beyond the bidimensionality of the printed paper.