Los Salazar

“Los Salazar” is a photographic essay about the roles of women in a traditional gypsy family. In the gypsy culture marriage comes during the adolescence. Marriage is celebrated as a rite of passage. Then the young woman enters the clan as woman and future mother. Gypsy identity is based in perpetuating a cultural legacy, overviewed by the group’s authority: the patriarch.

Juan Antonio Salazar, the patriarch of this gypsy family opened me the doors of his home. This series is the result of seven years of friendship.


Adriana López Sanfeliu (Barcelona)

She is a visual narrator: photojournalist, documentary photographer and filmmaker devoted to portray human nature.

For more than ten years she worked in New York as a photojournalist for international press. Her documentary photography series are close portraits of communities that live at the margin of our society.