This year we’ve been honored with Luis Baylón presence in this eight Revela’Ts edition. In addition to his exhibition ‘Madrid en Plata’, we’ll be able to participate in one of his most well known workshops.

According to his great career, we’ll learn about the publishing sector and about how to edit and publish our works, from the photographic capture to the edited book. Passing by all the photographic process, and focusing on our personal projects, we’ll learn how the photographic edition works, till we materialize our long time projects.

After many years being a professional photographer, and having edited in many magazines and newspapers, the author felt the need of getting a book done with his personal work. And he made it.
Good photography books are a source of inspiration and knowledge. They teach us a lot about being a photographer, and it’s our best way of letting the others know what we do with photography.

The aim of publishing a photography book ain’t enought to finally get it. It requires a big collaboration team, in order to choose correctly the pictures, the materials, the design, or the book format. Editing for distributing. Also getting known. This workshop wants to get you introduced into the editing world, giving you all the steps to follow in order to build a good photography book. We’ll try to give a meaning and a concrete sense to all of your personal works.

All this, being teached with one of the most relevant artists from this country, Luis Baylón. Sign up now, don’t you miss it!


From 10 to 12h: Teachers presentation. Watching editorial examples.
From 12 to 14h:
Assistants presentation of their personal work.
From 16 to 20h:
Studying all works introduced. Giving form to all of them.

If you sign up before 15 of August, you’ll get a discount on the final price of the workshop. Will you miss it? Only 10 vacancies left! Unique oportunity in Barcelona!.

Days left until:

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Born in Madrid, 1958.
I got mi first camera at 18, and I signed up for a school. Chemical processing and working with the light really got me impressed. Then, I built a dark room at home. In 1980 I fot my first work as a school photographer, and then I got many random jobs. Six years later, I started working for magazines and press as a freelance.

I create a professional comercial lab in 1989. After my first travel to India in 1992, I got invited to exhibit the material I took there into an art gallery. From there, I started getting many different works: editorials, advertisement, record labels… For the first time, they bought me a picture, for the Cualladó collection, in 1994. In 1996, I published my first book “Bull’s afternoon”. I also make an exhibition in France for the first time, with “Madrid anónimo” series. Three years later, I got included in Photobolsillo colection of photographers from Madrid, and then, in 2007 into the Spanish photographers one.

I got de Madrid Community Award on its firts edition in 2001, I made an exhibition in Canal de Isabel II, and I publish the catalogue: “Guirigato”. From 2003 to 2005, I work as an associated teacher in Cuenca, on the university courses. On those years “Only smokers” and “Pair of two” are being published. I fot the Beca Endesa scolarship in 2005. A year after, I got invited by the Peregrinations Museum of Santiago de Compostela, to make an exhibition and to edit my “Benarés” work. In 2007,  Teruel Museum offers me to participate in his editorial “Ideas de Arte”, making me the editor in chief. “Autogarabatos” was edited there and also exhibit in the same museum.  The same year I start a new project about Pekin. I also publish with Bernard Plossu, and I edit my work “Heart thiefs” in 2009.

Lumwerg editoral includes me in his collection of spanish photographers in 2010. Man Ray collective makes a catalogue and exhibits my new “Escaparate” series in 2011. I exhibit my “Pequineses” work into a gallery and in two festivals, but it’s still about to be edited as a photography book. In 2014 “Pair of two” was exhibit in the Cibeles Palace.

I never stopped travelling and taking pictures, exhibiting and doing my workshops, since this last project “Madrid en plata”, which I am trying to publish.