The photographer and artist Joaquín Paredes arrives to Barcelona on September the 24th and 25th with his exlcusive and unique Becquerel Daguerrotype workshop. Joaquín Paredes is a photographer specialized in old kind of old photographic processes. Formed as an architect, photography soon appears as his real vocation and he decides to get involved on it completely, focusing in old photographic processes and making this his big specialty. 

In this Becquerel Daguerrotype workshop we will start from the beginning: preparing the copper and brass plates, the silvering with electrolysis, the sensitization and the development of the plates, till their mounting and conservation. The workshop lasts two complete days distributed like this:

First morning:

History and theory about the daguerrotype.
Preparing the copper or brass plates, the solutions for the silvering, and the electrolisys process.
Silver polishing.
Exposure, development, and fixing.

First afternoon and second day’s morning:
Students will do the complete process from a 4×5 inches plate: Polishing, sensitizing, shooting, developing, and fixing.
Each student will do 4 plates, two of them will bring them at home.

Last afternoon:
If anyone needs to do another plate, he’ll do it. We’ll watch and analyze the workshop results, and will encapsulate the plates they’ll bring home.

If you sign up before the 15th of August, you’ll get a discount on the workshop final price. Will you miss it? This is a unique opportunity here in Barcelona!

Days left until:

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Joaquín Paredes is a photographer specialized in old historical processes. Formed as an architect, photography appears as his main vocation and soon decides to dedicate his artistic life to it.
On his first work years, he gives up using digital technology in order to experience with photographic processes from XIX century, trying to claim the place they deserve into contemporary photography. This creative need brings him to build his own big format cameras: the main objective is adapting them to every need that all his photographic project has.

He has participated in the Encontros de Artistas Novos in 2018. Has coordinated the Revela’Ts artist experimental stage. He has exhibited his work in the Royal Academy of Saint Fernando in Madrid, in PHES second edition, and in the International Contemporary Photography Festival Revela’T, in Photo Patagonia (Argentina) and in TImisoara (Romania).

Has worked with Lois for his project Lois&Arts. His pictures had been published internationally in specialized magazines such as L’Oeil de la Photographie (France), Clavoardiendo Magazine (Spain), Adore Noir (Canada) and Lomography Magazine International. Finalist in awards like Hariban Award (Japan) or the Emergent Talent Awards of Lens Culture. He also has been jury in contests like Europe Direct. Actually he combines his personal projects with teaching in his workshops and his talks to organisms like IPCE (Cultural Spanish Heritage Institute)