This year we are celebrating the seventh edition of Revela’T, everything grows but the funding that is needed to keep this going as we would love to.

People pay 60€ at the gas station without thinking much in it but it’s hard for some to pay 20€ for a book or a ticket for something related to culture. That’s why we thought of making some sort particular crowdfunding. As in previous editions we have designed a t-shirt, an apron, a tote bag and a book. You can opt for each single article or for a combination of them. In the drop down menu with the price you can select the option of not shipping it (if you want to pick it up at the festival in Vilassar or at the Antigua Fàbrica Damm on June 15th), shipping it so Spain, international shipping, and size or color.

With the pre-sale system in the crowdfunding we can cover the costs of publishing the book by ourselves, with no intermediaries. Participating in this project means collaborating and making the festival possible.




For collectors, collaborators, friends of photography…

The book, as in the previous editions, is a compendium of the exhibited photographs (about 6 for each author).

There are more ways to cooperate, you can make a donation, or become a Friend of Revela’T which will give you a lot of advantages not only during the festival but during the whole year.

If you are going to come to Vilassar, remember to buy your ticket for the exhibitions or for the guided tours, with this you will avoid queuing and you will have more time to see everything much better.

This is also a great way to support it.



RT 2019 Products

Black Totebag or Raw color

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T-shirt 2019

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Revela’T Apron

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Exposition book of Revela’T 2019

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T-shirt, Book + tote bag as a gift

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Color Totebag

Donation or direct contribution

For love of art