The Revela’T 2020 Trade Fair arrives this year on Saturday, September 26 and Sunday, September 27, 2020, being an essential event in the photographic panorama, especially for analogue lovers.

This Fair brings together in 22 stands, brands, manufacturers and sellers of photographic material thus generating an ideal sales circuit for participants.

If you have a product to sell, a brand to promote, or some photographic material to show and you are interested in doing so at our annual Trade Fair, contact us through and we will inform you how.


One more year, the organization of REVELA-T 2020 organizes a photographic Market in order to promote the collection of original photographic work, entirely carried out with analogue processes. There’s also the possibility of establishing a dialogue between the visitor and the author. It is a great opportunity for those authors who want to sell and publicize their work through the sale of it, in addition to generating links and contacts between all those attending the festival. The Market will take place during the second weekend of Revela’T 2020, September 26 and 27, in the center town of Vilassar de Dalt.



Authors selection will be carried by the organization, following a criterion based on artistic quality.
Photographers that wish to participate in this author’s market must complete the form on this page by sending a portfolio of 10 images.
Grouped presentations of photographers will not be accepted, only in case that the group has a common photographic work.
The organization will send a confirmation email accepting all the correct presentations, and also rejecting any request that does not comply with these rules.
An independent jury of recognized prestige in the photographic world will select a maximum of 10 authors to participate in the Revela’T 2020 Photographic Market.
Once the selection has been made, an email will be sent to both those selected and those not selected, with its result.
The period for portfolio reception will finish on July 27th, 2020.


Selected Market authors will pay the
amount of €30 for participation rights. This amount has to be payed before September the 1st.
Each author will have, if he needs to, a table (60x200cm), and a wall in order to exhibit their work properly, at the Revela’T 2020 Photographic Market.
The works that each author expose and sells, must be in connection with those that has shown in the portfolio selection process.
The author authorizes Revela’T Festival to use some of his portfolio pictures in order to do publicity campaign of Revela’T’s 2020 Photograhic Market.
Assembly, disassembly and transport of works will be author’s complete responsibility. The assembly of each stand must be finished before the opening of the trade fair and market, at 10 am on September 26th.
Authors must be on their stands during all the Market opening days, that will be held on September 26 and 27 at the established times (from 10 am to 9 pm) in the same place: Plaça de la Vila, Vilassar de Dalt.
All works must have, during the assembly and the market, the best elementary conservation standards.
It is essential that all pictures shown in the Market had been realized by an analog process completely. Please desist from participation if works do not meet this requirement.
Revela-T 2020 organization will designate a commission that will ensure that the authors meet all these standards during the fair. In case they don’t follow all the standards, author’s market place can be closed without any type of claim or financial compensation.
For any questions or extra information please write to:



All authors must prove the authority of all pictures and material presented in Revela’T 2020 Market. Participating on this call supposes the acceptance of all the legal therms and legal responsabilities.