Help us to make it possible

Organizing Revela’t means a great effort every year for Associació Fotogràfica Espaifoto. The festival grows every year so it’s hard to fund it just by ourselves. That’s when we need your help to keep Revela’t alive.

The platform Patreon is the best way.  Instead of buying a book, merchandissing or the festival tickets at once, you do it all year long with small contributions. In Patreon’s website, there is all the information about contributions  and the rewards that you will get in each option.

If you prefer to do it in a different way, we have made 3 types of fees in Paypal with their respective rewards.

Contribution of 50€ per year. Discounts at photographic shops; Merchandising package (book of the current edition, totebag, t-shirt, hand programs); General ticket of the exhibitions.

Contribution of 100€ per year. Discounts at photographic shops, Merchandising Package, (book of the current edition, totebag, t-shirt and hand programs); General tickets of all the activities  (exhibitions, guided visitis, talks, demostrations, photobooks…); Tickets for the exclusive brunch with all the photographers, sponsors and institutions representatives on the opening friday of the festival; Disccount of 10% at all the workshops.

Contribution of 300€ per year. The collective, business and institutions can becomesponsors which will enjoy the advantatge of two 100€ fees plus being mentioned in the website.

Your money is not lost, this is just an advance payment…

…so we can do all those tasks, but you recover it during the festival or during the year with the workshops. With this you show your compromise with our common passion for photography and with the festival, so we would be etenally thankful.

Thanks for everything.

Choose in the drowdown menu your form of cooperation.