Wet City

The artist criticizes the rapid transformation and change of İstanbul, which is being shaped by the desire to make it a world metropolis, using a “slow” photographic production technique dating from the 19th century. Portraying the new structures and residential areas presented by urban transformation and “gentrification” projects together with all of their contradictions, the artist tries to decipher how this concept forms in the downfall of society and occurrence of symptoms.

Almost three million trees were cut down for the projects of the third bridge over the Bosphorus and the third airport of Istanbul. And the artist is now in the same position of the main character of the film and says “Klaatu Barada Nikto” visually.


Sen Yusuf Murat

Turkish artist, photography professor and the director of FUAM (Photography Research and Application Center) of which he also is one of the founding members, as well as the director of “Istanbul Photobook Festival”, organised in Istanbul for the first time in Turkey. Şen, currently lives and works in İstanbul.