Humour fosters the creation of bonds, solves conflict and reduces stress and anxiety. The humourist photographer is still a rare species of which René Maltête is one of the most brilliant pioneers.


Maltête’s vision is that of the poet who detects the unusual miracle offered by chance, the absurd twists and hidden shifts of reality. To capture the miracle that escaped him, the photographer, with the tireless patience of the watchman, returns to those places where chance gave him an instant of humour, waiting for the appropriate light or situation to capture the desired impulse.

Part of his work is devoted specifically to humour, such as this collection which has that title.


René Maltête

He was a French photographer, with a talent to capture unusual situations in our daily life with his lens. Funny, poetic and tender, his photos were published in newspapers all over the world.

(Antes que also means “rather than” I think this should read) Rather than photographer, he was foremost a humourist and poet  He was also a militant ecologist, preoccupied with conservation and prevention of war.


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