Civil War

Wars are probably one of the worst scourges that humanity has always suffered. Besides the death and destruction that they generate, they usually have consequences that live on, such as misery, famine and illnesses; and they leave a scar that lasts for several generations.


The Middle East has always been, due to its strategic situation, the stage for diverse, very cruel wars, between territories or due to the intervention of big powers for the sake of keeping world peace. That turned it into one of the most unstable regions of the planet.

Some testimonies, such as the artist has experienced at first-hand, show us one of the worst sides of humanity.


Ramzi Haidar

Photographer, journalist and director of NGO “Zakira”. He worked for more than 30 years as photojournalist, covering the main wars and invasions in Middle East, and won several prizes for his work.

Currently, he manages the NGO “Zakira”, a project that he started in 2003, devoted to promoting honest photography and journalism.

Exhibition curated by Ferran Quevedo