Portrait of nature. Myriads of Gods

From Ancient times, the Japanese have founded their culture and values on Nature.  Rapid economic growth has made us lose faith in it and in the thousands of gods that live in all the things. The traditional belief that water is the source of life and that the gods live in the mountains, rocks and trees has nearly been forgotten.


These gods of the landscapes that I contemplate are now rediscovered, reborn in my work. This is why I continue to capture them. Because I believe that this has to be recorded and passed on to the next generation, so they can share a feeling similar to mine.


Nobuyuki Kobayashi

I work with a large format camera, printing with platinotype on Hosokawa Kozo Washi Paper, a paper that is still produced today as it has been for more than a thousand years. With the special characteristics of both of these materials, prints are expected to last for thousands of years. I hope that Nature will still be as abundant then and that the same pleasure can be had in its contemplation: that is my wish.


Supported by Japan Foundation