The Dust Bowl

During the 1930s, in the center of the US, the climate, aggravated by bad farming practices, gave birth to what was called the “Dust Bowl”. Big dust storms made life impossible and caused nearly a million people to be displaced in one of the first cases of climate-induced migration to be accurately documented.

Photographers such as Dorothea Lange, Arthur Rothstein or Russell Lee, members of FSA (Farm Security Administration), captured that exodus with photos that show the harshness of the time but that also embrace the desolate beauty. An episode that should teach us to care for environmental equilibrium with regard to climate change, and that also speaks of the situation of the climate refugee.


Museu Vida Rural – Fundació Carulla

Museo de la Vida Rural of the Fundación Carulla, at Espluga de Francolí, is a cultural center that preserves, generates and shares knowledge while also promoting a debate and reflection on the sustainable social transformation of the rural world.

The knowledge of the past, the memory and the collection of materials that they preserve contribute to the imagination of future, more sustainable environments, where culture and education become key elements of social transformation.

Organization and production Museu de la Vida Rural – Fundació Carulla

Curator and museographic project Alex Rebollo

Project manager Albert Carreras