Monsters for Animals 

Monsters for Animals is the alter ego created by Rafael Doctor Roncero in 2017 in order to obtain donations to help people who devote their lives to save the lives of abandoned animals, be it through animal shelters, animal welfare associations or sanctuaries.

Monsters isn’t a proper name, nor an artist. It is a brand used to intervene in photographs and give them a meaning. There is no predetermined discourse in the image but there is in the action of exchanging it for a donation that usually is of 25 or 50 euros. Until now, Monsters for Animals has exchanged or adopted more than 2,500 drawings.


Monsters for Animals (Rafael Doctor Roncero)

Historian, writer, cultural ambassador. President or Asociación Capital Animal and Director of CAF (Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía). Previously he directed the program of Canal de Isabel II, Casa de América, Espacio Uno del Reina Sofía and he has been the creator and director of Musac, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León. Author of several novels, photography and contemporary art books.