A sangre

This is my world

I said this is my world

“The crack_ my world”


The sound of drumming accompanies the project, the images beat to its rhythm.

For 20 years the author has photographed the punk and skin communities of which she is a part. Photos of within, skins touching, like a good pogo dance.

Music is the main axis of the project, the soundtrack of the transcendental moments of a chosen family: births, affection, hangovers and mourning. Far from the photography of a youth culture, Bordonada’s images show a way of life, an irreverent attitude, stories written in Blood.


Mireia Bordonada

In 1999, she began the project “A Way of Life”, a journey through Barcelona’s underground world. Her work is mostly based on taking photos of her environment, that which is the closest and most familiar. In 2009, she began working as an instructor in participatory photography at Cuatro Caminos prison with the Ruido Photo Collective. She’s a founding member of the Fuga Center of Photography cooperative project ‘Fuga, centre de fotografia’.



Fuga Centro de fotografía

Carrer d’En Fontrodona, 31

08004 Barcelona

931 74 49 07