Territorio Boom

In 1986 the lake of Albufera and the mountain of the Dehesa de El Saler (Valencia) were declared a Natural Park.

However, this natural landscape currently coexists with a series of apartment blocks, still in use, built during the 70s in the heyday of Francoist developmentalism.

A project dominated by the idea of ​​promoting sun and beach tourism through a large urban plan (TEVASA) would have occupied the entire natural area of ​​the park.

The initial plan was never completed; it was halted by the protests and the activism of the residents of the city of Valencia.The current landscape, a combination of buildings and nature, forms the unique quality of the park. Territorio Boom shows all the buildings of the urban plan that remain in permanent conflict with the limits of the forest and the wild dunes.


Mati Martí

Her interest is currently focussed on the territory and use of public space: The need to take a stance on recent developments in land use; these issues are the starting point for her recent work.