colonize tr. v.

  1. To occupy a territory with the intention of populating it and exploiting its resources.
  2. To make a territory distant from a nation a colony of that nation.


Man is a colonizer, of Nature, territory, culture and even himself. He leaves his imprint wherever he goes, erases the identity of the place and imposes his own. That’s how humanity progresses? That is how we expand and conquer, even other planets?

With the project Colonitzades (Colonized), the artist gives visibility to women. All of them, in one way or another, have been colonized by society; they were deprived of their identity, future, wishes and dreams. Their freedom.

Women fighters, who have been colonized for the sole reason of being women. Colonitzades women awaken our lost identity!


Marta Fàbregas i Aragall 

She studies photography at IEFC. In 1998, she founds the Studio “La Fotográfica” with fellow photographer and life-partner, Marc Vidal. From that moment she has devoted herself exclusively to her studio, working on personal and artistic projects as well as commissions from museums, business and private clients. She also teaches and holds workshops and seminars.